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My favorite time of year is autumn, especially in the high country along the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina.

It was late last fall, not far from some blue blazes along the trail, that I met an interesting old-timer. He was living in a cabin, not far from the trail and at first glance I thought he was a lunatic.

I later learned he spent his time repairing his old cabin and tinkering on woodworking projects, and that he had a PhD in physics.

His first words were, “welcome, flat-Earther! I’m Apostle.”

Flat-Earther? I assumed he meant low-lander as I had all the indications of steady employment — my new twin hiking poles, new boots, no beard, and clean bluejeans.

“Hello, Apostle, I’m John,” I replied, out of breath from the steep hike up an incline they called Iron Mountain.

He was a talkative man and started a conversation spontaneously. “Hey flat-Earther, where would I go if I fell over the edge?” he asked.

“You can’t fall off,” I laughed. “Your on a globe!”

“But even if I’m on a globe, I should be falling off right now, or at least falling down due to the spin of the Earth,” he replied.

I didn’t know what to say. I thought he was kidding.

“I’m not kidding you. We’ve been taught to dismiss any talk of the actual shape of the earth. Can't even mention that it's flat without laughing. Why? Because of all the images, the complicated math, the early indoctrination with globes in classrooms — they all go together to condition people to the globe. That’s the power of brainwashing.”

The old man motioned me over to see an herb garden in a clearing, then invited me into his cabin, a dark room with scents of raw hardwood and drying leaves. I removed my pack and found a seat in one of two large rocking chairs. The cabin was cool.  He poured two cups of barley tea. A diploma beside the front window proclaimed his real name, William Burt Carley, and below were the words: Doctor of Philosophy in Physics.

I had met a real eccentric. For thousands of years people thought the Earth was flat. But they never flew to space and discovered the curvature of the Earth. Their mis-perceptions were understandable, but how could anyone today continue to think like that?

He sipped his tea carefully. “I have an interest in deception,” he said. “The system has its secrets. Our duty is to test our beliefs and speak the truth as we see it — observe, make notes, devise simple tests, repeat, discuss, and also build consensus with the thoughts and tests of others. Here’s my hypothesis: the Earth is flat!”

I asked the obvious question, “What makes you believe your hypothesis is true?”

“Believe its true? I can prove its true,” he said, then added, “or at least make a darn good case for it.”

I had to challenge him. “What about the satellite phones and cell phones and GPS that depend on satellites that orbit the earth?”

He shook his head. “LORAN is an old ground-based technology using triangulation that started us off with long-distance communication. I call it LORAN with the GPS brand. Bell already had a good multi-carrier, long-distance system with coaxial and microwave back in the forties!  Now underwater fiber optic cables, cell towers and aircraft, not satellites, using the same triangulation can give us what we need. GPS is all ground-based. Of course, it can bounce off things higher up, AWACS, balloons, but it’s all ground-based since the early 1900s. Yes, there could be a few satellites, but the are only fairly low helium balloons, no way are they at 22,000 miles out.”

“No disrespect,” I said, “but what about science? Science proves we live on a spinning globe! We’ve got the seasons, day and night!”

He shook his head again. “Actually, there is hidden scientific evidence that we do not live on a globe! Read up on the Morley and Michelson experiments. Much of their work is never taught in universities, never even mentioned.”

“How do you explain the work of Copernicus? The globe has been around for centuries!”

The old man replied, “Actually we have an even longer history of ancient maps of the flat earth. Even today the USGS uses the Azimuthal Equidistant map — the same map that is displayed on the United Nations flag and in their auditorium, a flat-earth map.”

“But if the Earth is flat, then where’s the edge? Why don’t we fall off at some point?” I asked.

 “Nobody can fall off. The continent of Antarctica surrounds the edges with a 200 foot wall of ice.”

“OK, but we’ve got airplanes. Someone would have found the edge by now!”

He paused, and then admitted, “Someone may have, but they make it difficult for all of us. The U.S. military enforces a no trespassing policy on Antarctica. No air travel is allowed, except to a small tourist destination just below Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands."

He sipped his tea and went on, "It’s funny because back in 1954, Admiral Byrd claimed Antarctica was bigger than the U.S. and loaded with natural resources, but look now . . . no single country claims it or uses it. It makes no sense — until you think “flat earth.

“OK, assuming Antarctica is the edge of the earth, it’s off limits, that would be natural, but . . .”

Apostle interjected, “And why do you suppose planes can’t fly direct routes in the southern hemisphere? For example, from Sidney directly  to Santiago? They say they do have some planes scheduled for non-stop routes, but actually there are no such direct “global” flights within the southern hemisphere.”

“So what is the most direct flight from Sidney to Santiago?” I asked.

“Look at the flat map of the United Nations,” Apostle said. “Sidney is on the opposite side of the earth from Santiago, so a plane would pass near Los Angles on its way. The most direct routes are actually the routes they take. They go over Los Angles, or stop there or Canada, because North America is between Sidney and Santiago.” He paused, then said, “the globe is not an accurate depiction of the Earth…the Earth is flat.”


I wanted to change the subject. Looking out the small cabin window, I thought of the time I flew to Ft. Lauderdale for Spring break. There were big cruise boats passing along the coast, then disappearing over the horizon. That’s the proof, I thought.

“Ships disappear below the horizon!” I exclaimed.

“That’s your proof of a globe?” Apostle laughed. “Have you heard of the vanishing point?”

“Yeah, so what?” I answered.

“It’s in your perception that things vanish at infinity. Compounded by the fact that multiple layers of waves and sea spray accumulate with distance, a ship seems to sink below the horizon to the naked eye. Yet it does not. Take an inexpensive telescope, or a 10x zoom on your iPhone — you’ll see the whole ship again. It’s the same with lighthouses. Their lights are seen over a hundred miles out to sea, but in theory no lighthouse should be visible at those distances.

Apostle sipped his tea and smiled. “Here’s a globe experiment for you. You observe that its 12 noon on 1 September of any given year and it is indeed daytime. You set a clock and wait exactly 6 months. At the same time of 12 noon, you observe that it daytime. From your experiment, it should be dark and midnight. Why is it daytime and not midnight?

“That seems obvious to me. Because if you wait exactly 6 months, that’s 180 days. 180 x 24 hours will be a lot of hours but end up being the same hour of the day six months later, 12 noon.”

“You forgot one thing,” Apostle said. “On your globe, after 6 months you’re on the opposite side of the Sun. . . so now you’re facing away from the Sun at 12 noon, as your rotations were 360 degrees 180 times. Obviously you will be facing space, away from the Sun. It will be dark. Try the experiment with your own body as the Earth and revolve and rotate around an imaginary Sun. This should be a simple proof that we are not on a globe. Why can’t people see this?”

I agreed to try the experiment later. Apostle motioned me to come to the back of the cabin. We went out the back door and entered another cabin. Between the cabins, a brown pit dog was chained to a post. “This is my kitchen. Try some of my Kennebecs and black beans,”  he said.

"Okay, I'll give you a clue to the globe problem," he continued. It's a problem because the 24 hour day doesn't fit nicely within the annual calendar we use. With the 24 hour day we are always out of sync with the overall calendar. That's why you would realized by the experiment that noon turns into midnight in the experiment. So to explain this little slip up, they made up an ad hoc theory that the real day is a sidereal day of 23 hours and 56 minutes. This seems to correct the problem because 180 days of missing 4 minutes per day equals 12 hours after six months. So everything looks hunky dory, until you figure you're going to end up with 366 days each year...and that's not how our calendar works. See the system is broken. It's because we're not in a heliocentric system."

"Looks like the devil's in the details," I said.

I sat down with a hot bowl of beans and potatoes. I was curious to know if NASA’s long history of space travel would stump him. “I’m guessing you do not believe the U.S. landed men on the moon.” 

“Not likely. NASA is not what you think it is. I worked for government contractors back in the 70s — you know, secret compartmented information projects. Knowledge is subdivided and people are under oaths of secrecy. They don’t connect the dots to see the overall mission. Compartmentalization is their way to keep secrets,” he said.

“But why would they fake the moon landings?” I demanded.

“If the Earth is flat, then the solar system is not the system they say it is. The moon resides inside the firmament much closer to Earth than they tell us. It’s an operational base. It does not reflect any light, but creates its own light based on harmonics.

“No way!” I said, trying not to laugh.

The brown dog started barking outside. Apostle reached over and picked up a shotgun leaning near the back door. He yanked back hard on the fore grip and chambered a round, then stood silently watching the dog crawl under the porch. “I’m the police chief, fire chief and doctor around here. That dog’s got a good ear, but doesn’t know a green hiker from a crazy hillbilly.”

He put the shotgun back in its place and continued his thought.

“Moon landing pictures are faked. Everyone’s seen the LEM sitting on the moon. Why is there no crater or disturbance below it from the LEM’s engines? Why no dust on any part of the LEM, but plenty of astronaut footprints in the loose soil? he quizzed.

He continued, “If you read the book Who Built the Moon you’ll learn that the moon is an artificial structure. Why do you think it never rotates? It’s a powerful electromagnetic computer, a mediating and monitoring device in the sky.”

“You can’t deny NASA has lots of photos of Earth from space,” I offered.

“Sure, NASA makes a lot of videos and graphics. None are actual photography and they admit that. NASA is like a movie studio when you think of it. They shoot rockets into low suborbital paths, and make animated graphics. They never show the actual flight path of the entire flight, except via studio graphics.”

“You’re saying all NASA photos are fake?” I asked.

“Yep, if you tell a lie, you’re best off if you tell a big one. I’m not saying they don’t shoot rockets, or take real pictures of Earth from high altitude aircraft. I’m saying they fake photos with different techniques, say fish-eye or wide angle lens will put a curve on the otherwise flat horizon. Photoshop can do wonders for dressing up photos or creating them from scratch,” he said.

“OK, there’s some truth to that, but Buzz Aldrin and Mitchell, they say they’ve been to space,” I repeated my counterpoint.

“Sure, what else can they say, but they’ve got no proof. Even NASA won’t stand behind them, having destroyed all technical records of the Saturn 5 rocket,” he said smiling.

Apostle continued, “I remember what Neil Armstrong said in a speech, something to the effect that the real truth is hidden under a protective layer. He was saying the truth is hidden!”

That historic note caused me to think of my grandfather. I said, “my grandfather worked at Cape Canaveral back in the sixties. He never mentioned any of this. He actually saw the Saturn rocket launch men to the moon.”

“The Saturn launched, yes, but no men were on it. The entire affair was staged.”

He would not give up. Nothing I said would convince him. “How could they fool the whole world? I asked.

“I told you, only the most elite needs to know. Lies with enough authority behind them are convincing. People want to believe. But the most important question is not about fooling people, it is about science. Here are the science problems with a moon trip,” he paused and then listed his reasons.

"Number one: No man can survive the Van Allen belt. NASA even admits that openly and claims to be working on a “fix” so they can pretend to go to Mars. Then there is:

    -- Radiation from space would have ruined the film in their cameras.
    -- Their “moon” photos have too many secondary light sources.
    -- Shadows appear at right angles, proving secondary light sources existed. This would be impossible on the
        moon since they had no secondary sources of light.
    -- Flag appears to “wave” without wind.
    -- Their LEM landing produced no crater or dust disturbance.
    -- No stars appear in lunar photographs. This is because the total sky could not be faked.
    -- There are cross-hair anomalies in their Haselbland camera photography.

Also, did you know that astronaut Allen Bean hammered a metal pole into the lunar surface–and a video shows this along with the sound of the striking hammer. However, according to NASA no sound is possible on the moon since their is no air. No, the Earth is not what you think it is, and neither is the moon,” he said.

"You seem to know a lot about earth physics, but I still can't believe that 500 years of science can be so certain of the Earth as a globe. It can't be that every scientist since Galileo has been fooled by the Copernican Theory," I said.

"No, they weren't fooled; they believed because it was a good theory and was an exciting theory. A vast infinite universe gave them much to ponder. But there was no proof of it.The logic of it was equal to the geocentric theory."

"But they proved their theory over the years!" I exclaimed.

"They tried a few times. The astronomer George Airy tried to conclusively prove the earth was in motion in 1873. Instead his experiment strongly indicated that the Earth was stationary. No university astronomy course touches that topic. Michelson and later Sagnac confirmed Airy's results in their unique experiments. Hubble saw the geocentric evidence, yet could not accept it, offering up alternative explanations. Einstein didn't even try to refute the geocentric model. He merely said it was just as valid as his preferred view of the Heliocentric or Acentric model."

He reflected on the forest out the window. "Yes, there are assumptive proofs of the Heliocentric model, but no, there are no conclusive scientific tests in the history of science that prove the Earth rotates or revolves around the sun," he finally said.

Was he crazy? I had to find out. As a consequence, a year later I was being held for incompetence and being a threat to the public safety. (Stay tuned for forthcoming blog:)

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