God's Name

I always thought of God's name as "God." However, that's because I never thought  much about God. The word "god" is a title. There is nobody named god. Do you know anyone named god? In fact, there are many gods. Just think of Zeus and Apollo. Isn't there a scripture that refers to Satan as the god of this world? To many, Satan is god. Allah is god. These gods all have names as well as titles. But what about God, the Most High, the Heavenly Father? What is his name?

It seems nobody cares. However, when thinking about it, somebody must care. Apparently, great care was taken to remove God's name from all the scriptures we normally read. Interestingly, the Muslims know the name of their god. Not so the vast majority of Biblical scholars and adherents. This is because the only names left in their scriptures, actually just titles, are Lord and God. (An exception is the word Halleluiah where a remnant of God's name lingers.) Why has nobody questioned this? Did someone at sometime say: we can't say the actual name of God because it is too holy or too sacred. We are unworthy to even say it. Really?

What do the scriptures say? We are told that the Most High wished the people to know His name. If you know someone, isn't that the first thing you would want to know, their name? If someone is close to you, do you call them by their name, or do you say: Hey Mister, Hey You, Hey you with the white robe on?

How can you be close to someone and not know their name?

Calling God "God" is the same as calling your boss "Mister," or calling your wife "Woman."

The scriptures say that God made a contract or covenant with mankind. You are owed something, but you also owe something. If you can only identify the other party as "Mister," you are not likely to fulfill your part, or be fulfilled, in any bargain.

Devout Christians are all about having a "close personal relationship" with the Most High. That sincere attitude would even fail on most lowly human beings if one's name is forgotten or mispronounced. Would the Most High feel any different if His name is of no special concern?


eth Cepher