Remembering . . .

The Hurricanes Drum & Bugle Corps
Melbourne / Eau Gallie, Florida

1961 - 1966

Up the Lazy River

 Almost Like Being in Love

Moonlight & Roses
Col. Bogey Me & My Shadow Dabby Dump Dump?

Pat Slattery

The Hurricanes Drum & Bugle Corps

      David Borst

Tommy Obst

Color guard!
Dress right dress!!
Say, where's  Parks?
Dale's out of step again.
Hey, your dickey is missing!
Gee, the Drum Major has nice legs!
Mrs. Barnes said "just one more time."
Wow, do you think it was Tommy's ad lib that got us
the superior!

Man, my legs hurt!

       Terri Barnes
In 1956 drum corps was introduced to Brevard County by Mr. Oliver Root.

The South Brevard County Hurricanes Drum and Bugle Corps was organized in 1961. I joined this ragtag band of high school kids in 1962. We practiced playing single-value bugles and old drums in various old buildings around Eau Gallie and Melbourne. Usually we rehearsed weekly. There was also marching practice at the old Melbourne mall on Babcock St. From 1961 to 1965 the Hurricanes developed into a first-class organization with about 40 members.

I don't know where the money came from, but we had pretty good bugles, some new, and new drums and color guard equipment. Our manager and director was Mrs. Mamie Barnes. Her daughter, Terri, was our Drum Major. Nancy Kendall was also Drum Major at one point, along with Pat Owen as Color Guard Captain. Our uniforms were made by Mrs. Barnes (and with the help of our mothers). She did everything. Without her there would be no Hurricanes. Tommy Obst was the most talented musician, along with David Borst and Pat Slattery. Some names I remember are Terri and Dale Barnes, Ann Nobles, Dale Borst, Tony Williams, Frank Williams, and the Parks brothers. We marched and played in just about every holiday parade in Brevard County at that time. We also made a number of bus trips to different areas in Florida for competitions. Unfortunately, the Hurricanes became lost in time. No more. The world wide web has resurrected the memory of that time! 

Discipline, commitment, endurance, pride, teamwork, and a lot of fun: this was the Hurricanes Drum and Bugle Corps!

Hurricanes Drum and Bugle Corps marching July 4th 1965

Hurricanes Drum and Bugle Corps of Brevard County in a July 4th parade.

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